beard grooming kit

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If you posses a glorious mane of facial hair, or are planning to grow, grow, grow. Then you need to invest in a beard grooming kit or convince a friend or relative to buy one for you. These gift sets are full of beard grooming products which are an essential part of a beard growers arsenal. Among the goodies in the kit will generally be:-

beard oil

These oils will help to promote growth, condition and moisturize hair. All the while easing itchiness, and helping to stop irritation.

Beard Balm

Balm helps to keep facial hairs styled and in check. It also contains the beard, tache, and skin

Mustache wax

needed to firmly hold and shape facial hair into points, curls and twists.

Some beard kits may also contain a pair of scissors, beard soap or wash amongst other things. But one thing is for sure, if you know someone who has facial hair then you cannot go wrong if you give them a gift set. And with beardy celebrations such as Movember and Decembeard you have plenty of occasions when they will be a perfect buy.

This dude has the record for the longest beard in England. It measures 2 foot in length.This guy must be a beard grooming expert!